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Junior Developement

Ages 4 - 10 years

Our club is proud to offer ANZ Hot Shots for beginners aged 4-10 yrs old.
This program focuses on developing tennis skills and technique through fun and interactive sessions. This includes incorporating games and skill sets, using modified equipment and balls, to ensure that participants are able to track and make contact with the tennis ball. It is a great program for developing hand-ball-eye co-ordination and helps build confidence.

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Participants, aged 4 – 7 years of age, receive a free tennis racket on sign up
to the program through our coach Leigh Holland. In addition to this, participants will receive a free Hot Shots t-shirt when registering as a Hotshots player through Tennis Australia. ANZ and Tennis Australia are the co-ordinators of the program content and are major sponsor of this program and our coach is an accredited coach to deliver this program effectively.

To register and receive your free racquet and t-shirt (delivered to our club and distributed by the coach) or simply to read more about the Hot Shots
program, click on ANZ Hot Shots logo on the right...

Ages 10 - 17 years

Tennis participants aged between 10 and 17 years of age are encouraged to join a team and compete in the various district competitions held on Saturday.

Junior group lessons are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the school terms. These are for 45 minutes each. Team Training is either arranged on these nights, or another night. Each team has an adult team manager to assist with training and on competition days.

Coaching groups and Teams for competition are grouped to similar levels of tennis ability, focusing on point play, technique and strategy. Private and semi-private lessons are also available upon request. Please contact club coach Leigh Holland for further information. These classes are designed to allow the coach to spend more time focusing on specific skill sets and are structured to meet the needs of the person being coached. Class times can vary from 30min to 1hr.

Squad lessons are available and are designed to have a maximum of 4 participants. These are structured for the intermediate-advanced junior. Squad activities concentrate on fitness,tennis drills imitating match conditions and point play concepts. Class times are generally 75 mins.